Games not worth playing as far as I can tell


I will do it out thank you


@Armydog123 thankyou for your service


You are most welcome sorry for pudding peps off :slight_smile:


This is not the game for you if you expect quick outcomes of any sort, including getting good heroes/items. It’s a slow grind, just enjoy leveling your heroes and slowing getting better at titans, events, war etc.


Well I haven’t been here 6 mths and I have 8 #5* heros and a whack of 4*s and like someone else said it’s a grind and thinking game. As too what you prioritize as important. Once you figure that out, it gets better. And yes I have spent money and not got what I was hoping for , but when I wasnt expecting it they gave me huge heros multiple times so IN THE LONG RUN which this game is all about it balances out.
And if you don’t mind waiting it’s true you dont have to spend a dime if you don’t want too. Cheers!


It was worth it, but they are carrying it. As a sample, I keep a record of important falls and, before, the titan chest was the second best after the elementary. I’ve been signed up for 15, almost 3 months receiving garbage and the people who asked the same. They have nerfeado almost everything.



I am sure you are aware of the ‘hurry up and wait’ mentality of both the Army and the VA. This game is set up very similarly to that system. Two months is not a very long time to be waiting. Think of it like trying to get to 20 years service for the decent rewards. The benefits only come to those who wait…and wait…and wait.

If you aren’t racing to get to get to Training Camp 20 then you should start. You’ll get some 5*s that way, but it is still a trial of patience. My second suggestion is to save gems for Atlantis 10x pulls, because at least you get ascension items.

And just like the Army, just when you think you are getting close to success…they move the finish line. It can be frustrating. Ha. Or think of it like a deployment where all you want to do is go home and they keep moving the chalk date out.

But, the game is just a game. If you understand it in the context that it is meant to be played regularly but very slowly then it becomes more fun. If you haven’t made much progress at six months, then maybe reassess. There are many other games out there that are faster paced.

I wish you the best of success in play, be it this game or another.



James Joyce wouldn’t be happy about this.


I must say that is quite the comparison


Frankly as a F2P player you are better off NOT getting 5* out of the gate. Concentrate on 3* and 4* they are MUCH easier to level up and you don’t really need 5* to progress through season 1. Take it from a fellow F2P who foolishly started leveling up the first two 5* he got (after about 3-4 months of playing). Now I am approaching a year and just finished maxing my first 5* while frantically trying to play catch-up in leveling up 4*'s.

P2P (or P2W or whatever) is a whole different category in this game that I have no interest in competing with. I play as a diversion and that’s it.


I stuck in season one providence 21 number 2 i can not get pass it.


Then drop back, farm a bit more, level up your heroes some more, and come back to it later. There’s no rush.

Practice color stacking and ghosting tiles. You’ll need those techniques to get through province 21+ and Season 2 hard mode


I didn’t’ complete Season 1 until after 13 months of playing. Once I got past province 13 I just stayed in 8.7 the whole time so I could get recruits and build my teams.

At that time there were no rewards for finishing it, but even now I wouldn’t waste those extra lives.


Hopefully it was a helpful comparison. It took me five months to finish season-1. You’ll want some solid yellow 4*s for 23-9 and -10. You’ll get there!


I got stuck a few times in Season 1. Especially at the end. I think I had to wait over a month to finish that last boss. I had to get a few 4*'s leveled up to replace the 3* (mainly Bane and Balthasar) I had been using with my 2 5* (that were stuck at 2-60). Like raiding, playing through the seasons you will reach certain points where you are stuck. I am actually at one of those in Season 2 right now.


I didn’t think it was wise to do solid colors?


I think “solid” here means “sound, sturdy, high quality” rather than “five yellow heroes”.


Correct. Solid meaning sturdy


Oh i see thanks for info i took it as same colors


Yes I went on you tried season 2 was doing great until I got to the water park now I keep drowning