Games not worth playing as far as I can tell


That I can understand it’ll be harder to level up a five star but when all you’re getting is two and three stars the same people day after day after day after day something’s not right we have people on our team that just started and there yet 3 5 Stars right off the bat four stars right off the bat three stars right off the bat they also have paid for stuff too coincidence maybe but I don’t think so it’s still about the money


That’s how this type of game works. There are 2 ways to get anything in this game. Time or $$$. You can get anything with enough time and luck. 5* heroes? Sure. Save your free gems and Epic tokens to pull for them, or train them in TC20. Event heroes? Gems again. HotM? Same thing. Time and luck. Ascension materials? They come around every 7-10 days in the rare quests, guaranteed.

Spending money saves you the time in getting them, but you still need to grind to level them.

Empires and Patience, my friend.


waits for @NPNKY to reply before doing so


Thank you finally someone not just defending the game in the people that made it and actually giving people some advice on how other ways to get your five stars without pulling your hair out watching everyone around you with 5 Stars left and right thank you


No one gave you a suggestion or advice because you started this thread with an attacking statement

@NPNKY was gracious enough to point out getting 5*s from TC20s even though strictly speaking that was not really what your thread was about


I have some spare commas and full stops - here you go.

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Let me know if you run out, or if you need any colons or semicolons.


If you go on read it a lot of people start that way maybe not the way it should start but I’m not the only one that started like this is more than one post tread whatever you want to call these things about people complaining also may want to do a little more research before you start criticizing people thank you


Oh, come on now! I gave you all that lovely punctuation and you used none of it. If you had sprinkled in just a little then we might have been able to make some sense out of the word soup you just posted.

I’m begging you: please punctuate.


@ all
Please stay kind, no need to dispute that hard.

Everybody should be able to tell his/her opinion without receiving anger.



Regarding punctuation: I think speech-to-text is being used for some of the posts in this thread.

I agree it makes for difficult reading, but I’m personally treating it like a non-native speaker doing their best to communicate. I’ll take it upon myself as a reader to do the extra legwork to understand.


There are countless threads like yours that start off with an attack.

If you take my post to be a personal attack, I guarantee that wasnt my intention and I apologise.

However you genuinely cannot expect someone to give you the suggestion or advice you are looking for when you begin with a negative statement that doesn’t request said advice.

Of course people start putting their shields up when statements have daggers in them!!


I’m happy to make allowances for non-native speakers - the gods know that my attempts to communicate in a non-native tongue would be laughable. I’m less willing to make allowances for the use of dictation software. I’ve had to use it a bit myself (for uninteresting reasons) and it could punctuate perfectly well back in 2002. I doubt the software has since become worse.

Perhaps OP could experiment with saying “full stop” or “period” or “point” or whatever the correct term in their country of domicile is, at the end of sentences? I think that might help.


Thanks, those are helpful suggestions!


I am a disabled veteran with a VA phone to mouth and ear it does not always work the way u think it should call it Congress man and complain to them


Yes it’s not a regular phone system it goes to my mouth and in my ear I have to stop and read everything and fix it if I want it to come out right every time it’s like you people smartphones what is Hitch to a computer also


I’m inclined to give @Armydog123 the benefit of the doubt on this one @brobb, some software can be terrible


Yey, now you’ve all found the right way to discuss :notes:


Half. The peps in the US son not even talk in words. It’s all in 3 letter format yes if i say period in I had this 4 2 mouth. SO it very new to me


@Armydog123 I don’t know if you have found this thread yet, but it may be helpful to you.


And immediately, much better. Thank you for making that effort.

(It’s relevant that you are using an awkward system that is new to you - you have my sympathy. It’s irrelevant that you are a “veteran”. If you mean a veteran of the military, then it’s probably best to keep that sort of personal detail off the forum. Perhaps you were on the wrong side.)