Games not worth playing as far as I can tell


I believe this game is just here to get people to spend their money play for almost 2 months if not more and not once got one of them big heroes let alone a big team player I don’t think it’s worth wasting any money on because if a game can’t at least hook you up once it’s not worth playing because that tells me they just want your money that’s all it’s about


I think the game is worth playing. It’s a slow grind game that takes little thinking to actually play.

It took me about 6 months or so to get a 5*. No rush.


It’s all about fun with your team mates and there’s no need to spend money at all.

Reaching the top would be fun too, but that’s not my intention.

Would be nice to also have a never paid a cent ranking…


Agree partly but give the devs the benefit of the doubt. They must surely like the game too and what they’ve created - and I imagine they’d want to proudly share what they’ve created with others

What’s a big hero? 4*?

It took me a year to get a 5*


I’m the opposite, plenty of 5* heroes, sitting on my bench waiting their turn to be levelled. Been playing about 6months, building my teams, learning how they work together, how to beat others, how to play the boards…

It’s a long haul game, not a race to a finish line that doesn’t exist. If you prefer a level type game where you improve a character to be able to finish the game then this isn’t the game for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer a game of subtlety, strategy and skill, then this game is fantastic. I’ve beaten 4k power teams with 3k teams, I’ve lost to teams lower than me, I’ve gone from being destroyed by 3* titans to being very competitive against 8* titans.

Take the time to learn how to use the heroes you have and the enjoyment will improve immensely.


Ok, have fun in your next venture!


Been playing 2 months and not top player yet. What gives?


Well that’s funny if you say you got to wait that long we’ve got people on our alliance it just started less than three days ago and they’ve already got five stars but they also made the comment that they had to pay to get other things and that’s why I’m thinking they got there five star hero write off I played chest all my life I know what slow games are I know what time and patience but when you roll the dice so say and you come up with the same guys continuously over and over and over that is not right I have a better chance at playing Russian roulette than this game it’s my opinion


It’ll be 6 months before they can max their 5 star heroes. That’s just the pace of this game. Took me a year to have a rainbow team of max 5 stars. It’s slightly faster now but not much.

PS: Kayo was being sarcastic. It’s more like 2 years to be a top player.


Anything is possible with $$$$$$ buddy


I have been playing for around 9mths and I have some 5 * But I still prioritise some of the 4*s because they are more useful for me (and easier to assend). I played with 3 * in the beginning and had a lot of fun with them. I have yet to see a quest in this game that can’t be completed with the right 4 *s, the right battle items and some intelligence. You can get surprisingly far with the right 3 *s too. 5 * are really hard to get and really hard to assend. If you can’t handle that reality this not the game for you.


That would be fine if I could get at least one 5 Star hero all I got is two ones and two fours that are maxed out I can’t send them anymore because I cannot get the stuff I need I can’t get past levels because they’re wiping me out no matter what teams I put together people in our alliance of paid for people and they keep for some reason rolling the dice and getting more one guy’s been on here for 13 days and got five five stars explain that the game it’s not right it’s not like playing chest it’s still a computer that somebody programmed and it’s still about the money it’s sad everything in this world got to be about the money I got plenty of patience retired nothing else to do it’s not that I don’t have patience it’s just a joke when you get wiped out every night my attacks you go from 800 to 300 trophies in a night that’s ridiculous


I think your defintion of patience and mine do not match. If you play the game FTP (not pay money) you end up playing the game at a perfect pace. Start leveling 3s and get 2-3 rainbow teams, then 4 stars, by the time you get 5* you have the ascension materials for then. You dont hear FTP ususlly complaining about ascension mats because it almost perfectly lines up with the game pace. No need to spend hundreds of $ to go 3/60, 3/70 and wait (and complain) about lack of ascension materials. Be Patient, dont spend money. You wont be stressed and will be able to thoroughly enjoy the game


That’s funny I was just on read it and there’s people complaining about the same thing so it’s just not me it’s so funny how even if you do play as long as some people have been telling me and still never get one five star and only get to four stars all their twos and threes are maxed out they cannot go any higher so how is that any benefit so if you go out and spend $100 and take some rolls you might get something out of work that’s what other people are saying this isn’t the only article around about this game even Facebook has stuff about it it’s just my opinion


I don’t want to be too mean here bro, but does the army beat the punctuation out of you? It’s very hard to read your posts taking only one breath…


I’m a disabled veteran I have a foam piece that goes by my mouth into my ear that’s why it’s hard for this thing to pick me up


Correct! Spot on.

20 FTPers


@Armydog123 it’s more of a grind & frustration to get a 5* and not be able to level it fast enough or get the ascension materials to level it up further

Sometimes getting a 5* early is a curse because (they require alot of resources/feeders) you want to level it up but the forum clearly says do at least 2 3* rainbow teams (fully upgraded) then work on 4*s you may have gotten


Also, build your stronghold and training camps up to level 20. At that point you have a chance of training your own 5* heroes for free


No i do not think so