Games gone wonky


Just attacked a titan, and usually I hit for 11 to 12 k but 2 out of 3 attacks just now shut me off around 7k and told me the titan was “UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.” I went back to see if my teammates had killed it before I got to it and it was still there. Also my chat has disappeared. I don’t find that unusual or troublesome. Happens all the time and is no real problem for me, though my elders do give us helpful hints and tips but losing my totan hits is extremely annoying especially seeing as how the loot has gone down considerably in quality lately.


Is this still happening? Can you screenshot the error message the next time it happens (and note the date/time)…?


So far it hasn’t happened again but if it does I’ll be sure to catch a SS. Thanks Rook. :slight_smile:


I had the same issue, around the same time. My hit was just done and before I could even see the ‘victorious’ sign starting to appear I got that same error message. My chat had also disappeared after that. When checking the titan screen all alliance members in the ranking were marked ‘ex-member’. It did however show my last hit, so it did register the end of my hit and the score. After a bit the chat appeared again and the titan screen was behaving normally again.

I’ve had the issue with the disappearing chat more often, but I never saw the unavailable message before, nor the ‘ex-member’ rankings of all members on the titan screen. I haven’t received the message since and my titan hits are working normally, so I guessed it was a temporary glitch somewhere. If I ever get the message again, I’ll screenshot it and note the date/time too.