Gameplay strategic initiatives

For this game if anyone wants to enjoy to play you need heros. As heros evolve older heros become redundant and obsolete. If the costume chamber was to upgrade those classic heros … then great but they still cannot be compared to the newer hotms and other season 2/3 heros.

Advanced Players stay in game for a year … maybe more… spend money… reach someplace and quit as there is nothing more for them… other games are very gripping with quick short term results.

New players have absolutely nothing but about 2 years of building before they reach someplace even with second builder.

Tell me if you don’t wish to drop heros on summons when players spend money for them GEMS , why wouldn’t players leave.

This will leave a revolving door for your game. Just be mindful once established players leave and new players don’t see a good result short term… the game will flail.and wither away… just like several top games of your category have done in several years…

have someone in your strategic initiatives look into the volume of revenue from new vs established players to gauge if players longevity matters for the gamemakers…

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I think what you’re saying is kind of true, but there are also a number of long term players. I’ve been playing over 2 years now.

Not really sure what you want to discuss, or what you are suggesting should be done about it. If you have ideas, maybe create a thread in #ideas-feature-requests ?

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