Gameplay question


Does anyone know if attacks are done in order of triggering or hitting the target?
Example i trigger marjana and then another special. Due to the lengthy animation of marjana’s special, the 2nd special hits 1st. Has the game already calculated marjana’s hit? I suspect that it has based on other instances in game where board freezes up before a special hits killong the enemy


I would assume its done sequentially. That the damage is calculated at the moment of special activation, and the animaion is just lagging.

Otherwise it would imply some sort of timer based on animations and that would just be weird and complex.

I have no definate proof of this though, since I have no heros with nodifiers and slow animaions that I can test with.

On second though I do have something like that. Triggering 3 fast attacks that each one-shots monsters.
All three automatically target different monsters even though the animation and monster is still on the board.


Yes the game uses the right sequence, even if the animations are different speed.


I was told that as soon as you trigger the attack, the effect is applied (even before the animations). However, I’m not a developer and can’t solely verify this.



That is how it seems to work. In fact, if you click the hero you targeted before the animation has finished, you will already see the damage and possible debuffs on it.

If you activate say Gormek to lower defense and then Sartana to do damage. You don’t need to wait for the animation to finish, the Sartana attack will benefit from the debuff already.


Thanks all! That is what I suspected


One thing I have noticed is that if an opponent is killed (special or via board) that they still block further hits from going past them until the animation is completed.


Visually yeah, but you still get the extra mana from gems missing the target.