Gameplay Help - Kingston or Grimm (1 glove)

He can go either way, but as his effect is attack down, I would put him on the edge of damage. Compare his base special attack against Lianna.

Lianna - 3,732
Kingston - 3,333

He is without a doubt a sniper with debuff bonus. Again, he can be used as utility, but IMO, he is equal if not more for damage.

Yes. But that is he will great at 3.70

I have him at plus seven and honsetly he doesn’t make proud so much. He is ok…

Kingston if we exclude his debuff his dynamics attack is not really respectable in relation to others snipers??

For most people, this is true. For me…they are by far the rarest 3* non-farmable mat. At the moment, I have 20 compasses and ONE fine gloves. Since they are used equally… In December, I’ve gotten at least 3 of every 3* mat except gloves which have completely eluded me, as per usual.

Very frustrating having tons of shields, coats, blades, orbs, tools, and compasses and still not being able to do anything!

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Unmodified Base Damage from special attack

Kingston - 3,333

Lianna - 3,732
Marjana - 3,064 (+300)
Sartana - 3,137 (+294)
Joon - 3,505

So yeah, Id say he is very respectable as a snipper even if his other effects were excluded.

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