Gameplay Help - Kingston or Grimm (1 glove)

Good evening!
I would like to make the following choice easier: I have Kingston 2.60 and GRIMM 3.60 (a pair of gloves) .Who should I upload first?

I appreciate you!!

Depends on your bench.

If your relatively new and don’t have many 5*, I’d recommend Grimm. Working on 5* too soon without a well developed base will bog you down!


Based on the fact that you are short of gloves I’d say that you max 4* heroes first and work on supplies with them. 5* heroes are usually effective at their final ascension and for that one pair of gloves is not enough anyway.


Usually, focusing on 4s is the way to go till you have the mats to max your 5s. Exceptions can be made to 5 healers and utility, but 5* heroes who are mostly used as damage should wait till they can be maxed.

Maxed 4* damage dealers are typically going to be better in every way than a 5* at 3-70. Only exception I know of is Hel-vs-Proteus, but their main purpose really isnt damage.

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Thank you for yours prompt response!
The truth is I’m relatively new and ι haven’t raised 5 *yet.

Agree with above… In this case,… Grimm 1st.
Here is consider good resume:


So i 'll do it!!!
20 character

King absolutely. He works so good in 3/70.

Kingston has special that is great at every level

Gloves are not that rare. Both are great heroes, and Kingston can make all the difference for you early game, even when at 3.70 only. Be mindful though that ascending him will be more diffcult than Grimm’s.

I would start with Grimm and only then proceed with Kingston. Just because 1. You will get Grimm to 4.70 quicker than Kingston to 3.70 2. At 4.70 Grimm will be able to take the Barbarian emblems, further increasing his potential (I am still using Grimm at 4.70+20 a lot and he is a beast with 827 attack).

People will usually advice to pause any 5 stars until you have decent set of maxed 4 stars. It’s a good advice, but I didn’t quite follow it and it worked very well for me (I pulled Magni very early and focused on him - he’s a bit similar to Kingston in nature). So keep that Kingston in mind when another pair of gloves appears… unless you have other great 4 stars to work on!


Kingston came out to me because I haven’t reached the point of raising a worthy 5 * hero (I have 2 Kingston) and because I have all 4 * in my quiver (Season 1-2).
Attention mah (4 *) I have the following heroes:
-Wu Kong(+3)
-Merlin almost Max

Now 5* i have:
-Mok-Arr(from 40 pull in Atlantis hιm, incredible!!)
and Kingston As I mentioned

These are my friends!!

Τhank you anyway!

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Sorry And Gravemaker!!

I’d do Grimm first.

Much easier to max, and you have Lianna who might be a better Green 5*

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So you have max: 2x 4* and 1x 5* blue (unleveled), 2x 4* green and 1x 5* green (unleveled).
Well, ok, so it means you already have base stack 2 blue and 2 green.
Usually I balance per color, in your case either Grimm or Kingston both are great and eventually you will ascend both, specially for trial quests.

From my experience, I prefer 3x 4* maxed 1st (per color), then working on 5*. This will help for Epic and Legendary challange event, and faster to level, and easier to get more unfarmable AM.

So, my vote is Grimm 1st.


Your first 5* to fully ascend should be Ariel. This means that you have to get a second Damascus and Tome if you decide to fully ascend Kingston.

Grimm before Kingston to 3/70. Most 5* snipers are not very useful at 3/70, the only exception might be marjana as she’s got more defense and health but she also has probably the lowest attack among them.


I forget to mention this, correct… Ariel ASAP, 3.70 is also great, best 5* Avarage healer so far, even Ratatoskr (green S3, 42% heal), Ariel (40% heal), but she is still the best with mana generation.

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Thank you very much for your interest!
Now I know how to move!

And so I did !! Expected

Have a nice weekend!!

Kingston all the way

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Kingston is not about damage

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