Gameplay curiosity

The board gives you the chance with the same tiles to either do a “dragon type gem” (4 in a row) or 2 different triplets.

What do you do?

Depends greatly on what speed hero(es) I’m bringing for that given color.

  1. Jackal with a level 11 mana troop: 2 x 3.
  2. Jackal with a crit strike troop: enter the dragon
  3. Average mana hero with anything other than a level 23+ mana troop: enter the dragon.
  4. Slow, depends what the rest of the board looks like, likely dragon.

With the exception of #4 where it just takes a lot of matches regardless, if I can make the remaining tiles needed divisible by three I will take it as that usually will get my heroes’ specials charged quicker. Usually; as always it depends what the rest of the board looks like but just taking average distribution that does work out.

First case: 3 + 3 = charge
Second case 4 + 3 = charge
Third case: 4 + 3 + 3 = charge


Titan fight:
Does it one of the 3x stun the titan?
Does the “dragon bomb” stun it?
Does it set up a nice follow up?
Strong/weak color?

Maximum damage and mana gain for the hero/heros I need.

Faceroll dragon


Ok, you two guys scare me.

I… I… I think i just go with the flow :face_with_monocle: (meaning: on impulse)


The board is just a matrix-light. You’ve got to feel it to see it Neo.


Ahuahuahua, “the chosen”

I like it.

if all 6 will hit well, i will probably go with those unless the dragon would have some colors around it that will hit weak colors or charge moves, then that is what i’ll go for.
though if its possible that if i go with dragon that i could then link it to the other two and create a sword (what i call dragons that have one side longer) then dragon all the way.

I tend to go for the dragon when I can (unless I spot an obvious combo / chain that would rise from one of the 3s and/or can use a 3 to stun a Titan, as mentioned).

Main reason is I find Dragons do a good job of mixing up a stubborn board and creating chains.

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