"Gameoholics United" Unite! - Open Recruiting

Gameoholics United is recruiting, presently 14/30, and all we need is you! We are a fun-loving group of misfits looking to grow our ranks.Currently we are running 8/9* titans but with a few more members were consistently at the 11/12* titans. We are an English-speaking alliance with most members (not all) residing in the US. We require at least 3 titan hits and usage of all war flags if you have opted in. We use Line for communication and try to stay active in Alliance chat. We are currently looking for active players with 800+ cups.

For more information feel free to reach out to Line Id: Grimm0100 or Line Id: Fugonslineid or look us up in the alliance finder to join.

Thank you for both your time and consideration. - Grimm

Bump, Still looking to add some new members!

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