Game wont open and says there is an update. No update available


Title says it all. Game locks me out after soending mkney saying there is an update. No update available in app store. Is this a bug or s money stealing feature? When did it happen? Literally 5 minutes after spending money in the game.


Try to uninstall and reinstall the game.


Did that and no change and now i fear i have lost all of my progress and money spent


I had the same problem yesterday, I updated on my IPad, but couldn’t log in or update on my IPhone. But today I got the update in App Store for the Iphone too.


If you had a Google Play(Android) or Game Center(iOS) account running on your device then your progress should be saved. If you need to do an account recovery then please check out this link:

Please be patient with support, as they won’t be responding on the weekend, and they do get a lot of transfer and recovery requiests!