Game won't launch/reinstall

Hy everyone!
Yesterday, when I watch the mystic vision the game crashed. It was just at the end of the ad, the moment where you tap the X to quit. But the crash totally reboot my phone!!
Now the game refuse to launch.
I don’t know what to do, should I delete the game and reinstall?? I don’t want to lose everything, I’m a 3 years player…
I try to reinstall an other game like E&P to see if my level is save, and I have to start from the beginning. So I think it would be the same with E&P😞
Thank for help, have a good day

OK I try with the other game and I recover my account by connecting with Google play in the option so I think it could work with E&P. I delete and reinstall E&P and everything work fine now. The game connect automatically with Google Play. I didn’t lose anything.
I hope it will help anybody in my situation.:grin:
Have a good day!


I am having the problem today that with the new install every time I go to watch a video it just takes me to the Google Play store and has me hit the play button for the E&P game. I can’t watch a single video. I click on it. It goes to Google Play.

Welcome to the forum are you talking about mystic visions videos.
If soo check this thread out…


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