Game won’t connect via wi fi

Since the last update the game only goes online throug 4g. When on wi fi it gets stuck on “connecting”. Anyone else experienced this???

I have this issue (iPhone, T-Mobile) when I’m away from my home network. (Had it before the update too, just sayin.)

Haven’t had any issues at home since the update.

Have you done the usual? Turned device off/on? Made sure you have the most up to date OS?

Yes @Rook. Did the usual. Restarted the phone, restarted the wi fi etc. Never happened before. Only after the update.

In that case, I would contact SG:

Please buzz me (@Rook) if you need assistance. :slight_smile:

Everything ok this morning. Thanks for the assistance @Rook.

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I had the same problem last night for about 8 hours. It’s work fine fine this morning

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Also had the problem yesterday. My wifi was fine, but no device would connect to the game

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I have the same issue since yesterday. I am at home, can connect to everything via wifi exept to

Everything works normal for me since the last update.