Game will colapse due exploiting people needs and defects

I will make this game colapse under his own weight due exploiting people’s needs and defects

I suggest using google translate from your native language to english and posting the translation because what you posted doesn’t make any sense.

Thx mate. Check now. And i forgot to specify…IT will be legal, exactly how SG is doing imoral things…legally

Are you saying SG has designed this game to exploit the addictive behavior that some players might have and spend money they shouldn’t be spending on this game?

Not really different from any other game out there that has in app purchases.

Ciro, this and your “illuminatti” thread are a cure worse than the disease.

As far as the title of this post goes, it made me laugh at all those casinos and smoke shops closing.

Pls, give it a rest.

If made You laugh, why to stop? Is there a small contradiction in your head? Or you’re just talking without saying Something? It’s not a free world where everybody can freely expres himself?

This one is ok…You can see it, i mean the gambling side. I am talking about those things that general “public” can’t see them. One of them is that One side the staff is yelling “no harasment and vulgarities” but on the other side they do nothing about trolls and psicho players wich create lots of accounts and making hard time to the “honest” players. What damage this makes to people and what SG has to din from that, i let You see by yourself. The main purpose of this post is to check “the pulse” of people. And Bud…think of this please…the bad things, i mean that very very bad and evil things, are made in such way, that If anyone see’s them and Tell to others, to be called crazy. :wink:

Your previous discussion descended into name calling and conspiracy-theory-esque accusations.

Toxic behavior is against Forum Rules.

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