Game update in titan fight

Wife was just on the game using the second of her titan flags and 40 seconds in the game kicks her for the update. Then when she logs back in the damage from her attack is 0…

Not cool sgg, if you’re going to force the update do it at log in. It’s not the end of the world but that’s some real bs.

SG has absolutely no influence on how your phone updates. They also have no influence on when the update is made available by the app store or Google. If you have your update automated, then blame yourself. I do my updates manually.

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I updated manually, problem is the game itself kicked her out of titan fight for an in game message that said update was available… Forcing her to go to app store.

Update wasn’t available to me until yesterday so for the game to force her to update less than 24 hours later to even reopen the game is a tad rediculous.

Then I would send a ticket to support - because I have never heard of this happening before. I don’t think the game forces you to update… Venting in the forum, however, will probably not solve the problem, so please contact support.

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They sent out a message to update or you’ll be locked out… if you didn’t update then yes you get kicked out… SG warned before hand

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Sorry to hear that. It does stink. However SG did email users directly prior to the update with a warning:


I haven’t even received that message yet… and my updates were available on Friday and Saturday…

Might have only been sent to people who weren’t on the latest updates.

I got that message on both IOS accounts which I’d delayed updating on.

I updated yesterday and got the SG message this morning.


In the past, I always got the message, despite already having the update. Strange…

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Neither my wife or I got the message, one had update other did not. I’m not actually expecting anything out of it like I said it wasn’t the end of the world. It’s just bs

This is weird.
I never auto update but load the update from the playstore. At home. With WLAN.

And this has never happened to me.

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I’m so sorry you had a problem with this. If you would like to pursue with SG, this is the best way to reach them: