Game timed out during war, lost all points

I was attacking an enemy during war and was to the point they had one hero left with minimal health, and I still had my full team with close to full health. I got distracted and my phone timed out, but when I opened the game I had 0 points for that battle. I understand that I ran out of time and didn’t finish the attack, but I do not understand why the game did not register the points i had already accumulated.

I imagine it’s going to be tough proving you made damage without visual proof - I hope you were recording the battle? :thinking:.

By way of back-ground, there are two types of Time-Out in the game:

  1. battle time-out. All raid & tournament attacks there is a timer on the attack. You can only battle for so long before the game says “nup, you’ve been going long enough…”
  2. idle-game time-out. This is where if you haven’t done anything for a while, it just logs you out of the game.

As I understand it, the idle timer is set at about 3-5 minutes. The War battle timer is set at 10 odd minutes. So the idle-game timer will trigger before the battle timer.

If you disconnect (i.e. the idle-game timer), the game assigns a 0 to the score. This is pretty normal, same situation as if you lose internet connection during a war flag… I.e. a wasted flag.
If you time-out its treated as a defeat but because the game was still connected to the server at the end of that battle, it registers the end-status of the fight. In wars, this ends the fight with the enemy at whatever HP you left them at.

So in summary, you had the idle-game trigger which logs you out of the game. This is treated as a disconnect, hence registering the 0.


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