Game tiles stopped working (S2, froze on boss)


Season 2 level 1/1 tiles all just froze at the boss level. All heroes and battle items reacted when I pressed them, as well as the flee button as that was the only to get out of that screen. And I lost 10 flags.


I have had the same issue now twice on season 2, 1-10. After the last update seems to be when it started. Get to the boss stage and it freezes everything but character motion.


This happened to me also, twice on season 2 stage 1-10 hard mode boss level. I thought it was a glitch at first, but it happened again. My tiles are just gone.


Had the same issue but on 2-4 Hard, everything ok up until the Boss fight, couldnt make tile moves, could click auto on and off but it didnt seem to do anything.


Haven’t had them myself but alliance mates have mentioned game freezing up the last couple days on them.


If you had Wilbur in your team or facing him as an enemy in that battle, it is related to this issue:


Even so, it seems like no matter when he uses the special at all it is freezing even though it is only affecting “allies”. Loosing world energy isn’t a whole lot of fun… I just quit playing season 2 until you guys get this fixed up so that’s that I guess.


Have you downloaded the 15.1 update which fixes bug?


I just did a bit ago but haven’t raised season 2 with any wilburs yet. Finishing the event and then will give it a shot again! Thanks!


Still an issue. I was frozen at roughly 12:50am cst. All other buttons worked but tiles were unresponsive. Even putting it on auto play did not help the battle had to be fleed from.


Nevermind I missed the other update.


There is an issue in season 2, level 2:10. The game seems to crash and I can’t do anything anymore but flee.


Same here twice in 15 minutes season 2 1/10 twice


Same here. Tiles froze during the boss battle in S2, 2-10. Pretty annoying to have wasted my world energy and refill. Tried running the game on auto, but all I could do is run from battle.