Game suggestions - Sir Tag

Game suggestions:

1, Allow the leader of the alliance able to remove players from war before match making starts

2, Allow alliance players to attack each other to ‘practice’ with their new players or test their own defences etc

3, During war, allow other players to watch the attack in progress.

4, anyone got any other ideas for improvement?

Sir Tag

Those have all been suggested

#1 is garbage and not needed if you know how to recruit decent players. Rest decent ideas but redundant across the forum

@zephyr1 merge #999999998 is waiting above

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Fine with ideas number two and three. However, totally disagree with idea number one. This should be resolved at the recruitment stage and via decent comms within the alliance

Please see these existing threads to continue discussion and voting on these ideas:

As this thread duplicates existing posts, it will be closed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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