Game stutters since summer update/event update

The game is unplayable since latest update.
Version in use: 1.13.1 Build 750
Alliance chat is disappearing and reseting sometimes.
All animations during fights, castle, hero leveling etc. are stuttering permanently.

Seams that view is reseting periodly. Issue is available in all game sections.

Many thanks in advance.

Movie was recorded on 11:26pm /25.06.2018/Germany


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I can’t even get in the game now. Not sure what’s going on. Had minor issue about 3 hrs ago. N then went to do level 11 on the event n it wouldnt let me in. I know i had enough xp points. A screen came up stating something about server issues on your end?
Eek . On a very cool event n my training camp is almost to level 20… uhhhh… help? Please…

I’m more confused since the last update. Screenshot_20180625-184718
Then I lost some heroes : Wukong, Sabina 4th tier, Cyprian 3rd tier, some heroes.

TheNerd2468 lost heroes
*wu kong

Where are they?

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