Game stuck in SG screen that closes not loading

Like I stated, the game gets to the black and white SG screen, get frozen for about 10 seconds then closes.

What is the solution?


20 charchars.

I have the same problem, happened after the update and I have no option to update the game.
Tried multiple times it either freezes on the SG logo completely forever or closes after a while

You can’t update in the app store?

If game needs to update it should give you a messsage that an update is required.

For hanging at startup I have tried killing the app in the background and restarting the phone/device. Either one sometimes fixes the problem.

I have tried both, nothing works and the game doesn’t need an update

@Petri can you help out?

Turn of the phone then turn it on again.

Reboot your phone. If it still doesnt work, quit the game or buy a new phone.

Same here… Game freezes and you have to quit.

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Stuck on Small Giant logo indefinitely. Never logs into google play either.

Please help don’t want to lose my Ninja Tower flags!

I’m stck on the sg screen after update. What should I do?
Been playing 3 years, never a problem before

Maybe restart your phone clear all stuff… If problem continues you have to contact support

Good luck

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