Game stole three of my tournament flags

Tried repeatedly to use my last two flags in tournament. Game blames my network. Then, out of the blue, it starts downloading 121 things even though I had already updated the game. By the time it’s done, the tournament is over.

Plus, it randomly disconnected me from one match and only gave me three defenses, giving me 3 losses, 2 of which were losses to capped, buffed out monster opponents.

So 3 flags stolen and crap defense rating. I was undefeated except for all those bugs on offense and my defense team never got to redeem itself.

I’M ALSO PISSED THAT THE GAME BLAMED MY NETWORK. My network was fine for literally everything but E&P raids/tournament. Bull crap!

I feel you bro. It’s funny how you can do whaterver on browsers or other applications but the game says you have connection issues.

File for support ticket. You may not recover what was due to you but you may as well get some flask from it.

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Connection issues are often glossed over in browsers as they just keep retrying in the background until page is fetched. Not necessarily saying it’s right, but E&P is a lot less tolerant of connection issues in certain time-sensitive areas like war / raid / tournament results. Possibly a fear of unscrupulous data insertion to “game” the game.


As an example. I had connection issues earlier today in the middle of leveling a hero. An hour and a half later I logged on to read that the leveling had finally gone through. OTOH I have also been victim to timeout issues in the middle of raids and wars and lost flags as a result.

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