Game still crashing

I used gems to speed up my raid chest. The game crashed on me 3 times taking my flags with it. I would really appreciate the reimbursement of 11 gems, which is what it cost me to speed the raid chest up. Not sure what you are doing to fix the issuebut as of yet your attempts are futile.
This is what I got on my last raid. No enemy and I couldn’t do anything.@Petri

As I have done, Please email the Developer listed on the Read More page on the game’s Google Play Store: "".
I just updated to v 1.12.6, and it crashed within 5 minutes of opening the game.

Please don’t use that e-mail address. Support tickets should be sent using the in-game support button, so we get all the necessary information. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response. I will certainly use the support option from E&P’s settings gear> support!
There’s so many email options via Google, it gets confusing. I will pass this proper information on.

I need to ask the purpose of listing the game’s app Developer’s email address when on Google Play Store’s “Read More” page for update info? I tried what I thought was the advised e-mail address. This is the reason for my getting lost in the ‘Google fog’. All that matters, which I’m grateful for knowing, is the correct approach to reporting bugs and issues…

One “loot” issue I forgot to mention is this: Training swords are few and far between since two versions ago.

E&P is the very first RPG game I’ve ever played at the age of 60, now 61. Once I got to the knowledge level of feeling productive, after spending over $100.00 two months in a row; I really enjoyed playing. Anymore, since bringing War into E&P, I’ve noticed how many more hours I’m spending “working” AT the game! And spending money from a monthly $755.00 disability budget.

Our Leader has repeatedly stated how he “Hates War”… and just like myself, we have stressful lives which demand daily tending to! Lacking money trees in our gardens, metaphorically speaking, isn’t helping matters either.

Simply put, “It’s just taking too long now to build worthwhile teams to Battle with!!”

Binary Options, Knutt, and myself met as members of another Alliance over a year ago. The leader was a joke! He and other members popped in-and-out of participating as they chose. So! I suggested we “create our OWN Alliance!” We figured out how to do so and DID IT. Binary was our Leader, but within a few months stood down for a few personal reasons… one was ~ T I M E ~

Now I know our Leader, Knutt, is feeling burned out as I do too!

Just way too many negative aspects with each update, mutating the Once, even playing field, and PLEASURABLE RPG game as an activity to look forward to. It’s like “Having a Gruelling Job without breakfast and lunch!!”

No meaningful Ascension loot items EVER Won; requires an very unreasonable amount of Troops to strengthen our Teams; now Training Swords have become precious loot too?!!

28/30 members. Nearly a third of them currently do not participate. Frustrations are the greatest Culprits.

I know… who are we? New Alliances will continue to come and go. And Small Giant Games will continue to ROLL in the GREENBACKS!

As I’ve heard wise one’s say/ask, “Just how much money does one truly need?”, aside from paying the bills; and, “You can’t take it with you…”

I’ve been encouraging an electronic whiz friend to Develop a game… maybe he’ll take that first step?

Another Bill Gates ‘like’ beginning… or, Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs?

I’m a very mild mannered woman, whose not afraid to speak up, expressing what’s on my mind. But I fear, metaphorically speaking, Small Giant Games are going to flood the battlefields!!



Hi since the update am being kicked out of the game especially when I am raiding at the moment so I have lost lots of trophies… Not cool. Plls fix.

Kupiłam diamenty , przy losowaniu zniknęły a bohatera brak ! Proszę o zwrot diamentów

Po ostatniej aktualizacji gra się wyłącza , i znikają diamenty

I have had multiple issues with the game crashing tonight, June 7 10:39 p.m. It has gone on for over two hours . It has happened to me several times since I started playing the game. There will be lags in the card play, and then the screen will freeze and then the game will close. I have lost several gems as I am trying to get through the levels of the legendary level of the new challenge event, Fables of Grimforest. I have also had this happen during a Titan battle, regular game play in the provinces, and during raids. In the new challenge event, it has happened a lot when I have been near the end of and am close to victory. Very disappointing, as I have put quite a bit of money into game play. If this does not stop, I will not longer be able to play this game.

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To be clear, this is happening repeatedly tonight, but has happened many times prior to this evening as well in all areas of the game.

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It crashes again just now June 6 11:30 pm right after I spent 75 gems to revive my heroes to finish off a close battle in the challenge event.