Game steal from player

Now playing quest and result: collect 10 box (for example), but reseive 9 things. WHY???!!!

I can’t see what your screenshots relate to?

Usually similar sounding ‘bugs’ are because items are duplicated.

But I can’t quite tell what the problem is from the pictures.

Recruits count as well.

So the chest in the upper left corner shows 34. However in the final screen you only see 33 items. 3 ingredients and 30 recruits.

I did a test run with S1 12-9 and the numbers add up there. So not a general bug, maybe just some quests are buggy.


I collected 34 boxes, but received 33 rewards
30 recruites and 3 materials

На сб, 9.05.2020 г., 9:32 ч. JB via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum написа:

@JonahTheBard It’s not really solved, is it? There seems to be a bug. :see_no_evil:

Which 1 of those 5 heroes seems most likely to be the one to have stolen that 34th piece of loot?
I am looking at you Boldtusk…


Lol. Maybe not… maybe I need more sleep.

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Wow, that is so orcist!

It was clearly Chao’s trained magpie…


I wonder if this particular Quest is programmed to drop extra XP as an item, kind of like how Challenge Events Stages give XP in the loot list.

Just thinking about weird implementations that could cause this.

Perhaps merge?

([Bug] Mine Iron quest loot or Small Treasure Chest from level completion)

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I got robbed on my raid chest was raiding when got back chest way gray and countdown started again before it appears again didn’t even open it

First entry is your opened chest, not sure what you are missing?

Happens sometimes that there is a visual glitch when you lost connection for example and the visual effect is missing, but the loot could be found in your activity log.


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