Game Stats needed (heroes, powers, monsters etc.)

I’ve been a dedicated player since Oct 2017 and since E&P has become a fun part of my life, I decided to use it in my professional life :slight_smile:

I’m a graphic designer and I thought of making different infographics about the game to put into my portfolio.

(disclaimer: The infographics will only be used on my portfolio and won’t feature any of the game’s original art of heroes, monsters, icons etc. So for example to describe the Fire Element, I won’t use the original in-game fire icon but I’d draw a simple one myself. If this is a problem for Small Giant, please let me know)

And to make those infographics, I need stats. How many heroes we have, how many heroes are in each Class and Element, how many different types of monsters there are, how many maps (levels in provinces) we fight on and things like that. Is there a place where I can find the info I’m looking for?

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How boot asking ppl to contribute. Like SS of heroes.

@Razor and @Mariamne might be your first port of call.
@Kamikaze_Assassin and @BarryWuzHere also have huge amount of data


If you want to make something for your own portfolio, do whatever you want, and enjoy it!

If you want to contribute something useful to the community of players, don’t duplicate what already exists unless you can do it with a new wrinkle, or do it better. I love @Mariamne’s
infographics (searchy-linky-linky to forum posts) and @Pois1 has also created excellent ones.

My Barry Farmz Here data driven farming guide does have information about every level in the game, and there are other sources for things like hero lists as well.


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