Game starts then ends quickly when you lose all saved progress. (saved data corruption)

Startup has lost all progress,just at level 42

So I can catch right up . This might be all for me . I have been getting busy. Finding it hard to find the time to play. All build ing at lever 20 troop barracks at level 10 . Well it was . And yes uninstalled reinstalled cleared data and app data but it still as started all over again

Please point me in the correct direction, I did screen shot the start up . So I got my #************ and other info. If this is going to be a thing that happens the development

Need to make a tool so I g
Can fix it ,I got XP to farm

Are you saying that you can’t access your game account, and that you’re now restarted at level 1? If that’s the issue, here’s how to get help with that:

If that’s not the problem, give me a little more detail about what’s happening and I’ll try to point you in the right direction.


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* 1. * 1. I will try. :grinning: Cause I do love this game. But i dont think I can start over. The game has been played on my antique galaxy 5 sport. This has been good enough. Well I am getting Old everyone gets old. Enter the tablet,an Amazon fire tablet. Well I logged it with the proper credentials. I logged it to Google play games application then opened the game . I was stuck in the tutorial. I just about died. Well I don't have anything pressing to do so I got on Google the smallgiantgames fourm. I deleted data 😭 sync and reinstall and after hours I wrote the help email to the dev. It's a dark day when I call for help . I am the help people call,. They call me to fix this things No luck. Well if the account is not salvageable I will need a new game to play. Anyone got any good games in mind. I got time now I might as well check them out now. Really appreciate anyone with any ideas. I will try

Have you followed the instructions in that post for getting Small Giant to help with your account recovery?

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Yes i have followed everybody . Allways in order. Clear data then force quit , then uninstall . Reboot. Install google first configure ,them install empires . Then i will sometimes reboot beforehand . Then launch games then empires . I have done it the other way around with reboots and without dont seem to matter .just that the empire seems to not know what to do the account code is just #*********. No code just the number sign . When almost launched empires will pop open the google games just long enough to have the color go around the avatar then the game code is populated with the wrong info. I kinda digging this “new game” at least i think i know what ii doing. But i could never play without my old account . The time cash, ect is just to much to go throught this all over again and it might happen again it might happen to you who ever is reading this let this be a test the dev. Have quite a pickle here . No one wants to spend one dime and then be told well you must start over and bring that cash with you we like cash . No one has told me that and i have every reason to believe this will be repaired soon thanks for the concern at least i am not going through this alone .

I’m not sure I understand. If you look at that link I provided, the instructions for what to do if you can’t restore your account have nothing to do with clearing data, force-quitting, rebooting, or anything like that.

If you relink your account to Google Play and it doesn’t sync, these are the steps to follow:

Submit a new support request by using this form: Support request form: Account Issue

Please add the following details to the request:

  • The Account Identifier of the account that replaced the original account (the one currently on your device). For more information, please read this help article: How can I find my account identifier (AccountID)?
  • Platform of your device ( Android or iOS ). If you need to transfer progress from Android to iOS or vice versa, please choose Both
  • Exact player name of the account you’d like to recover (Case Sensitive)
  • Player experience level of the account
  • The name of the Alliance you belong to, as well as your rank there
  • Receipt from Google Play or iTunes of an in-app purchase made on your lost account (for more information, please read this help article: Where do I find my purchase history/receipts?)

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