Game Stagnation

Has anyone experienced this and how have you combatted this to carry on.

At present in level 51, the game is not allowing me to progress anymore, I have enough maxed 5 to create a decentish defence for war 4400. I attack with a 4100 mono green team.

I have a range of maxed 4* and 3* to go through tournaments and challenges.

This has all been created by probably spending £500, I’ve now stopes this and can’t pull a decent hero, last 5* was Baldur :frowning: , I enjoy the game but I feel that I can’t progress due to lack of hero availability plus decent loot seems to be incredibly rare.

Any tips on finding new things to increase the appetite for this game appreciated


This is very common in the late game. Hopefully addiction will get you through it

But seriously, you come for the game, you stay for the people. If you’re in an alliance that is fun and chatty, the game “progress” is less important . When you get past level 50 the improvements are only incremental, more about war team depth and events.

Don’t sweat it, enjoy the journey and the company


I’ve heard of alliances setting up in-house competitions. Titan high scores, matching avatars…

As @Infinite said, it’s the people in your alliance that will keep the game fun and enjoyable - celebrating the wins, sharing the losses and lots of laughs along the way.

FYI higher level titans drop better loot, so perhaps a higher level alliance will help you here?


I can honestly say that I understand completely. I’m at Lvl 52, and recently hit the same wall.

I have been having zero luck pulling any 5s or non-S1 4s. The solution for me was to quit doing any large scale pulls. Made me feel much better after events and monthlies, especially since I have more then enough heroes to keep me busy for a long while (I quit chasing the shiny new toy).

I also realized that AW and titans weren’t any fun anymore. So I changed alliances, and overall that has made the biggest difference. My new alliance is fun and supportive, where my last alliance just seemed lonely.

I’m still farming daily and working on leveling heroes and building everything I can, but it’s more enjoyable now.

That’s what worked for me, I truly hope you find something that works for you.


Yes, i experienced it from some time now.

All this ham and unclaimed feeders are for lack of new heroes.

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I don’t need new heroes to have something to work on. I level usable dupes that has a huge impact on the game. So what if it is the 2nd Lianna and costume, 2nd Mitsuko, 2nd Joon and costume, 2nd Gazelle, 2nd Clarissa, 2nd Gravemaker, 2nd Ariel, 2nd Wilbur, 2nd Falcon, 2nd Proteus, 2nd Jackal, and a bunch of healers, etc. You know they are great heroes and some maxed dupes may be needed in wars. I see no point hoarding tons of feeder heroes and food when they could have invested to a dupe hero that you know is good.

I already have 2 Lianna, 2 Elena, 2 Vivica, 2 Isarnia, 2 Proteus, 2 Tiburtus (costume), 2 Skittle (costume), 2 Rigards, 3 Grimms, 2 Sonyas (costume) and generally all the heroes i need for wars and such.

Leveling other duples in my situation would be useless of even worse, as it only increase my war matchmaking opponent strenght.

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Y’know, I don’t know as this is helpful, but I’ll say it anyway: By spending a bunch of money, you essentially skipped chapters, or (if you spent enough at the beginning) even opened the book to the last page. So go back and do the things you didn’t do.

Found a new alliance and make it “open”. Summon a bunch of Uncommon Heroes, and use them for your 4th, 5th, and 6th war teams; sweat that war out beside all your noob friends.

Cup drop down into Bronze and struggle Raid with only Bane and one other Rare (You did keep your Bane, right?). Don’t use your good Troops either, you cheater.

Do your best in a Challenge Event using Rare Heroes in the Epic stages, and Epic in the Legendary.

Paddle Ursena’s tentacled butt without Proteus (or whichever Hero made it easy for you).

Do a Rare Quest without any Legendaries, and without any Heroes of the strong element.

If nothing else, giving these things a serious try will increase your appreciation of, and ability with, the gameplay.

Or, heck, be nerdy like me and gather data for Barry’s farming project. No autofarming; we need monster counts from some of the less-often-used stages.


I’m one of those leaders who likes to create in-house fun and it has been a bit since we have done some. Thank you for some ideas. After almost 3 years I needed some new ones!

I started actually posting on this forum rather than just lurking.

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Couldn’t agree more! I mess around with raid teams and weird heroes I have in provinces, etc. all the time. Some times I am surprised pleasantly, some times there is a reason no recommends trying it :rofl:

Some of my most fun raids have been with my non A-team. I think high Platinum/very low diamond has some of the best variety of heroes to fight that are still strong. That makes it tons of fun for me.

Sure I lose a raid or whatever, but to be honest, who cares. Just because you have the shiniest hero in the game currently (which I most certainly do not as a F2P :laughing:) does not mean you have to use them all the time.

One example is my best mana controller is Gretel. Sometimes I will mix it up to do a LJ/Li Xiu combo. Some times I field Danzaburo or Ameonna just cause! :+1:

Keep it fun and if all you’re worried about is winning everything every time and being the best this game will be anything but that.

Welcome friend! :ok_hand:

Good luck out there!


EDIT: I did the vanilla/costume challenge with @sleepyhead that @Circe is also currently doing where you do all the emblem quests with vanilla heroes only or their costumes. That was SUPER fun and brought the challenge back to some of them. :+1:


totally agree with what all have said here. besides raids, there’s also farming to fill the monster chest. I love that, because I usually farm 7-4 and I can play around with my bench of maxed 3s and partially leveled 4s and 5*s for variety.

it’s so much fun doing themes like - all minion summoners (Kvasir, Rudolph, etc.), all DoTers (Proteus, Valeria, Vlad), all S2 or S3 3*s, and so on…