Game shuts down ... training camp

My husband’s game is currently shutting down EVERY time he hits the training camp. If he touches anywhere else, it’s fine. So far, it’s 10 times in a row and he’s unable to do any training.

He’s cleaned up his memory, cleared his cache, rebooted his tablet, internet is good, etc, etc.

Previously he’s had trouble only when he touched Onatel.

It just seems strange that if it’s ONLY happening with the training camp, that it doesn’t sound logical that it’s a problem with his device.

He’s put in a support ticket previously when it was happening with Onatel but he was told it must be his interent connection, cache/memory issue, to reboot his device, etc.

EDIT: android tablet. I’ve been using my two tablets all day with no issue - touch wood (internet is fine).

Does he have an exorbitant amount of feeders in his training camp by any chance? Just grasping at straws here because that is really strange.

Nope, nothing different with his camps, he’s actually trying to do some training. There was nothing different when it was happening with Onatel, either.

I could easily link other examples from players complaining it was only happening
when … Danz, other certain heroes, etc.

I’ve had the issue before with training camps and touching on an enemy during an active raid, etc.

After a while, it ceases to be that specific, single issue and switches to a different one.

Very frustrating!

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@princess1, I can imagine!! Hopefully there is a fix for this issue. Good luck!

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I was collecting food, checking the chat, looking at my heroes … touched my training camp and my game closed down!

Coincidence or ?

On my daughter’s android tablet the game crashes too, when a list of TC levels is scrolled. It happens when TC11 is about to appear.

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