Game shutdown - Oct2017


I can not stand no more
since 3 days ago I found this ploblem
while I was on battle / raid / titan battle
I have to lost the flags / the trophies as unfinished fighter
please verify and recover

After upgrade bugs again
Shout down

I’m sorry you are having a problem. What is happening, specifically?


here is my account id
I found that the game has always been shutdown while battle run by a vatity
big combo effects this I lost many of battle flags / raid flags / titan
and the trophies
please verify and recover if you can

edited out account screenshot for security.


You need to give this information directly to game support:

(I’m just another player, trying to help.)


Today while doing raid app quit during raid three times so lost raids I was winning please fix


See the post before yours; you need to contact Support.


@sweetl3oyz, @Mamarose12345678,
Has this issue resolved?


Yes after upgrade problem saying connection problem then the game closed out saying it stopped running shocked I can do this.
Anyone else have this problem?


Not so far. Though I’m sorry you encountered it. :confused:


I’m looking back through this category, and noticed nothing on this thread for a while. Did this get resolved?


Problem still not sorted out ! Huawei p9, android 7.0 (everyday I’m loseing flags and diamonds/ trophy - after big combo when only 1-2 enemis heros stay alive soo I shoult won but game kick me out/shout down)


I got kicked out of a raid right after my kill shot, a few days ago. No longer connected to the server or something. Also had a few guildies say it happened to them too (one of them last a ton of world flags).

Just adding to the list :slight_smile:


@rook I just past you a link … well done - but still haven’t got the answer and as you see sombody try to help on the other one - u r very halpfull (sarcasm)


Yep, some things are fixed individually, some with updates.

Have you tried contacting game support in-game?

Menu > Options > Support (see listed options from there).