Game shut off

Is there a glitch in the game currently? Just lost all 3 of my titan flags due the game shutting me out. Already closed and reopened the app as well as turned the WiFi off then back on

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Two people (Two different states in US) in our alliance experienced the same thing this morning. One of those two was during war flags and the other was during tournament setup.

I think it happened to me in 2018 or 2019. Maybe a couple of times, usually when hitting the titan. But often when I lost packet data signal as the train goes below the ground, or when arriving home as my wifi takes over my phone connectivity from the mobile internet.

I have a direct LAN line connection to my internet modem (PC desktop computer) and experienced the in-game “Wi-Fi logo flash” during prep for one of my war attacks this-morning. It went away within a couple of seconds, so proceeded to do my war attack. The attack was a Victory and seems to have been recorded correctly.

Unfortunately, I experienced the in-game Wi-Fi logo flash during my final Raid Tourney attack last Friday (07Aug2020) and it costed me a tourney victory – this disconnect counted as a defeat in the tourney.

Not sure what is going on lately, but the issue seems to be isolated to Raid/War attacks for me. Maybe heavy SG server demand?

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