Game shows me not being signed in by the Game Center, while I clearly am signed in

The game shows that I am not signed in into my Game Center account. I of course immediately checked my Game Center but I am signed in there. A fellow alliance member of mine has the same problem where he is signed into the Game Center while E&P shows he’s not.

Should we be worried about losing the account or is this just a visual bug?

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I have the same issue. Signed into Game Center but not showing in E&P…

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The same with me……………

Here also!! Same problem! Only for ios?!? Or android also?!?

It could be possible that this is a problem for iOS only. I do have iOS as well while I know some people with android who don’t have the problem. I can’t say it for sure though.

Same here as well. iOS device

I am currently back signed in. Also in E&P itself. I’m curious what happened.

I’ll not mark this as a solution yet, as I think it’s still good to investigate what caused the sign out of E&P on, what appears to be, iOS devices. This could prevent similar issues in the future or potential risk of losing progress.

Some Apple services were down today, maybe that’s the reason.


It is not the first time that Apple servers went down. It went back up soon enough.

Apple maintains a 24/7 IT crew for emergencies like this.

There was an outage in Apple’s system last night but it should be resolved by now.

Here’s Apple’s system status page where you can find the latest information:


It’s been happening for 2 months plus last week. I looked at it as a known bug/glitch and although, it claims fixed, I still experience it from time to time!!! An outage, really or update? Doesn’t matter if it’s still happening.

Nothing to do with SGG. It’s Apple. Probably having an outage on and off.

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