Game seems to cheat

Why does this game seem to cheat?? I have all four star or better heroes, yet I lose in raids to those that have two or three star heroes. I was once at 965 trophies and dropped all the way to 685 because I lost 6 raids in a role to people who all had lower trophies and lower heroes. All my heroes are acended to the max level and my troops are at high levels as well. I’m not understanding how a two star heroe can take out my four star one in one hit. Please someone explain why this happens

Post a screenshot of your raid (and defense) please. Your claims do not add up, at all.

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Ive been told to check the actual stats, specials and levels. Not just rely on the power as some cards may have a higher power but lesser actual stats. It also has to do with how your cards work together. Although as @Perilin says something not adding up. I’m sure that other players than me will have better advice for you. I hope this helps for now.

I’m not trying to be harsh but I was for awhile helping my kid raid with a fairly fresh and non-optimized 3 star team at around 1k - 1.2k cups.

We were losing a fair bit to teams of 4s and 5s which were clearly players that had been cup dropping, but certainly not losing more than normal versus other teams of similar power.

Post screenshots. Fully leveled 4s should have no problem defeating 2s.

It is impossible to lose a raid with fully ascended 4* against 2* heroes. Maybe your 4* heroes are not ascended at all and are level 1/40?
Please show proof

It’s very unlikely (if not impossible) that this has actually happened. Is it possible that you are exaggerating in order to make a point? Or maybe, as pointed out by @Maaeetz, you are mistaken and your heroes are not fully ascended yet.

However, I understand it is annoying to lose against (what appears to be) a (very) weaker team. What heroes are you using? Perhaps you are not using the right heroes to get the job done.

Quick reminder here: you have no way of knowning which raid team actually attacked your defense team. After being attacked, you probably looked at the attacker’s defense team, but it means NOTHING. Many people put a weak defense team to drop cups.


The deff team you see is not the real team those people have.
They are droping cups for more resources.
The attack with heavey forces and when they log out they put weak heroes to leep droping cups.


Pics of your roster please

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