Game screen is too crowded

We have the hunting ducks Valor quest again and I see a flock flying through the sky. Go to tap them and it’s just impossible with all the menu items on the top part of the screen covering most of their path.

In general, I find the main screen way too crowded with the top item bars, top left chest bars, bottom left quest icons, bottom right offer icons that are steadily rising towards the sky …
it’s annoying … it’s cluttered. I can barely see my village.

Is there an option to switch off all the icons like they go away when you are in transfer buildings mode? If not, can we get one please.

(Side note and pro tip: Transfer buildings mode is great for hunting ducks without tapping on random other bars/ icons)

Not sure if this has been discussed earlier or whether it should be here or in ideas section. Mods please move if needed. Thanks.


Try here:

Thanks for the link @Guvnor However, that thread refers to the pop up ads when you login into the game while I’m referring to the game Home Screen. Not to say those login pop ups aren’t annoying as well … but that seems like a different issue?

This is how much of the game Home Screen actually shows you your home. All the red areas are cluttered with icons and bars. It’s your HOME screen! Your actual home needs to be way more visible!! And this is without chat or alliance banner.

See the black circle on top right with that lone duck in the clear space. That’s where the top flight path of the ducks happens and is a pain to avoid clicking random icons. There is a second flight path which is a little lower and clearer. That too is obscured by the chest timers on the left side and portal/ random ads on the right.

Not to say you can’t click on the ducks when they are flying somewhere in the middle of course. But it’s all just so unsightly and unwieldy.


Zoom in.


There’s 2 flocks of ducks (or robins or whatever they are now) currently, and both fly below all the icons if you’re scrolled up and zoomed out.

Sure there are workarounds. I didn’t say it was impossible to hit the ducks. I’m saying the interface is too cluttered. That’s why I tagged this thread as - ‘graphic’. Interface design is a key graphic component of any application. And managing clutter is a hallmark of game design and managing user experience. These are industry standards, not random concepts. This interface is cluttered. It interferes with user experience.

Edit: Actually I did say it was impossible to hit them but that’s frustrated exaggeration because of constantly ending up tapping random icons instead of the birds at the ends of the screen. In any case, that’s not the main point. Birds or no birds, the interface is too crowded.


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