Game says “your heroes aren’t safe”, because of not being logged into gamecenter, but I am

I got this pop up about not being logged into gamecenter, but I checked and I am. Never had this happen before (well, yes in beta, because I get it there all the time, but not today, I hope that’s not it…).

Anyways, anyone else have the same issue?

Usually, when it happens with me, I quit the game and open it again.


I have had the same happen a lot and after the 1st time, when I stopped and checked to find that yes I was, I just ignore it and never had a problem. I assumed there was some lag time between when you log in and when it recognizes that your in the ‘game center’ or whatever. It does make me uneasy seeing it though.


Yes, I guess it’s just a fluke, because now when I just opened the options, the game recognizes I am logged in.

Thanks both, I can just mark one as the solution, but still appreciate both replies :wink:

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