Game responses being really "slow"


I do not know what’s happening, but during last weeks I’ve noticed strange behaviour of the game. I’m living at +1 GMT. Around 23:00 of my time the game usually changes into being really “fast”. But right now, it’s just awfully “slow”.

The biggest difference is titan for example. If I chain multiple abilities and do it during night, everything works superfast. The same thing during the day is… last heroes do not fire their abilities, and titan feels like he’s waiting like 2 seconds before doing “anything”. Now it’s even worse if you have minion summoners, because the minions finish their fire at night in like 1 second, while it takes like 3-4 during the day. It’s like… everyone takes his time to think.

I mean… I guess servers are just crowded or something, but the difference is really horrible. I even tried to reinstall the game, clear some space on the phone, but nothing has changed.

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Not alone here. There was another more recent thread created on this.

SGG knows that lag still affects certain group of players. They are trying to find a solution. Give them time.

It’s irritating, frustrating and sometimes downright exasperating but Try to bear with it for now.

It’s not so bad if you “slow” down your taps, not quite ideal for time limited situations. Do your best. :)))

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