Game player concern!

Why do we have only 6 raid flags when its asking us to fill up 40 heroes chest!
Aint it more logic to have 8 raid flags to fill up 40 heroes chest?
If we look at world energy its grow up with the player level growing progress, but just not the titan nor the raid flags!
A 35 world energy are eough to fill up the monesters chest on 12-9 or on 8-7 and goes up with level up !
Just wondring what the sense in just having 6 flags and 3 flags that never grow up with player leveling up progress!

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You have to purchase or wait. Some can’t do the monster chest in one sitting. Less the elemental chests. And nobody can do the titan chest or war chest in one sitting. How about the chest with Atlantis summons? Seems like the game is looking for patience or spending to accelerate in some cases.

Sooooo truuuuue
That’s a Deep problem! I feel YOU :rofl:

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