Game playability issues

This has been going on for some time now. But after just having a War game start on its own (auto-fill gave me 3 healers, not a good result - 1 pt) with my finger nowhere near the screen, I have to post this.

Before the “phone settings” responses start, I’ll note that this problem occurs across all 3 of my devices. Galaxy, LG, and a Pixel 3. All of them. The galaxy is older so I do expect performance differences, such as the end of titan battles getting painfully slow. But it should not affect the screen.

My name is NOT Les Grossman and I do not have fat hands.

I have played other Match 3 games (briefly) and never seen this occur with those.

At least once or twice per day I have a situation where the tile move is not correctly read by the game. One of the worst yesterday was dragging a tile from Col 5 row 3 to the right. It got processed as Col 7 row 3 to the left. Bad result, definitely caused a loss.

Regarding the auto-war game start, I have no idea. I can take a picture of how I hold my device and hands when I play. The Auto-fill and fight buttons are nowhere near each other.

If anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it. I’ve never seen any other posts on this topic which I find rather odd considering what I experience on a regular basis.

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