Game play suggestion

I have read and experienced a lot of the randomness and I will say unfair way in which the summons aspect of the game works.
It’s really annoying when a player who is at level 8 and been playing for only about 3 weeks and has spent $20 has 2 5* heroes and 2 4* heroes already and my son at level 29 and been playing for almost 6 months, has spent between $200 & $300 has yet to receive a 5* hero.
I understand that you don’t want to make it too easy to get 5* heroes because then everyone will have these great teams. So here is my suggestion:
Getting a higher level hero should partially be based on how far along you are in the game along with your game achievements. With that in mind I suggest that up to a certain level say 1-10 a 5* hero should not even be available to you. At level 10 you would now have a chance at getting a 5* hero and your chances would increase with each level you complete from there. You could also throw in chances for a 5* hero in event quest’s, etc.
I would love to hear from you about what you think of this idea.

Thats even people who spend 2$ and win a milionaire jackpots and others who have spend their entire life and gain anything.

This is randomness, nice to meet you.

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