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I am not technologically intelligent. Would someone please explain to me why this game requires access to my email? And why does it require permissions to change my settings, delete, etc? I may have to stop playing, but I really like the game and fine people I have met through the game. Thank you.

I think its to anchor your account… As a way of recovering it should something happen.

Don’t think its public, visible etc… as you don’t really have an account with a username or password with SGG (only the forum)

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Is this on Android?

Android in latest versions has gotten more and more permission heavy. Most apps require many permissions just to be able to do anything, even as simple as saving to the SD card.

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My apologies. Yes, android. Are the same permissions not asked for on Apple products? Just curious on that. Stuck with android for some time.

I’m not familiar with Apple iOS at all, but Android has forced apps to ask for a lot more permissions lately than they used to a few years ago.

I can look into the specifics for E&P and let you know what they mean.


I would very much appreciate that. Thank you!

I know that when you put in a support ticket SG contacts you through your e-mail.

I’ve never made a support ticket. Does the game send an email to SGG? That would explain the email permission.

Thank you. I think if that is the only reason, they should ask for the email when the support ticket is created. Not trying to be argumentative, just dealing with so many issues right now, and my privacy is a major one. Your help is much appreciated!

This I do not know. So many questions that I do not think to ask, lol.

I can’t speak to your privacy concerns but I can say, having put in a few support tickets, I appreciate how easy it is to communicate with the SG staff through e-mail.


This sounds logical. But why the permission to change settings, etc, I have only experienced this with one other game.

These are the permissions according to Google Play.

  • have full network access is so the game can communicate with the game server
  • view network connections is to confirm the network or data connection is active
  • control vibration likely relates to accessibility features like vibrating on tap maybe
  • prevent phone from sleeping is to prevent losing network connection if you become sidetracked for a bit in the middle of a raid
  • Play Install Referrer API is a way fro Android apps to communicate with external servers, in this case the game servers and Google for ads
  • view wifi connections is again to confirm they’re active and to monitor them
  • Google Play billing service is obvious
  • run at startup allows the game to set up notifications for you when phone starts
  • receive data from the internet lets the game receive data from the game servers

Now, I don’t see anything there about email. And when I check on my phone none of these permissions are enabled (I turned off notifications in the game). There actually are no specific permissions given for my installed version of the game.

Did the game specifically ask for permission to access email? And change settings? I don’t remember it doing that to me.

You can quite safely deny any permissions that the game asks for if you feel uncomfortable with it. If the game needs that permission to run it will ask for it again. Some apps put in permissions for future requirements not needed in the current version of the app.

I’ll do some deeper digging but it’ll take me a day or so. Busy tomorrow.


Thank you. I am just trying to understand why. If I deny the game access to my email, I get a message to associate it again with my email. I may not be understanding very well. Please don’t go to any other trouble. I will reflect on what everyone has suggested and decide if I want to continue playing.

Is it an email or your Google-Play (or iOS) equivalent account?

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I believe it is Google Play. Was hoping not to advertise my entire lack of intelligence, lol. Too late for that.

Ok so with that you don’t 100% need to sign in…

You can keep ignoring it & not sign into Google Play.

HOWEVER, by signing in, your progress is saved to your G-Play account… This means that if you lose your phone or the phone dies etc… you can easily install the app on a new device & pick up where you left off.


Thank you. I must be doing something wrong then. I will try again.

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If you need more help, please don’t stop asking questions. No one in this game knows less about technology than me and I keep asking!

I can also learn a lot from the answers you’re given.


Your encouragement means more than you can know. Thank you!


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