Game over... thanks to eweryone

Today I deleted the game. For six months I did not collect items to promote 5 * heroes, for the last month from titans and chests there was not a single rare item … Unfortunately the developers could not create a game balance. The game became uninteresting for both advanced players and beginners. In my understanding, the game should be fun, not disappointment. A good and interesting project turned into a money pump. I wish success to all those who have not yet disappointed, the developers advise to change the marketing strategy, thanks for the good friendly atmosphere. You have created a very exciting fairy tale for adults and children. PS: I always played honestly, without deception and fraud. game over…


Gosh I’m sorry to hear of your experience. I have had a much different experience, and thus am interested in continuing. I wish you the best in your future gaming! :wink:


Can I have your gear?

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No. :grin:

(No trading yet, see the Shortlist for details.)

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Hehe, I know that :). It was just a subtle way to express my feelings about “goodbye” posts. They shouldn’t be allowed, because they serve no purpose. If ppl want change, they can make posts in the idea-section. If they want discussion, they can start something under general. But, if they have already quit, then they should in fact be gone.

People start discussions everyday about everything from lack of ascension materials to challenge event prize distribution being unfair to the game becoming more and more P2W everyday. There have been both well thought out proposals for beneficial change and incessant rambling and trolling about petty topics posted On here. There have been posts from people asking for people to stop posting the same old tired topics and posts calling for people to stop whining and complaining…so what exactly do you thing the OP could post differently to make a difference…short answer, nothing. If the OP wants to make a good bye statement then so be it. Will it make a difference, no. Will anyone care, probably not but should he be allowed to make it, absolutely.


I’m sorry you reached this decision, @Dimas_888. I’m puzzled about the mats problem. There have been many rare quests in the past six months, each of which has two rare ascension items. Did you get all those? What level titans was your alliance taking down? Did you view your mystic Vision daily? Did you get all you Wanted chests done ASAP?

Ascension mats are scarce, but you suggest you got none. I truly don’t know how that’s possible.

I’m also concerned that you have fallen into the 5* trap. It’s alluring when you get a 5* hero to work on it, leaving your 3* and 4* heroes languishing. Build a solid 3* team first, then add 4*, then add 5*.


Well stated and great point Kerridoc. There is more to this game than obtaining and ascending every 5 star hero to Max. I do have nearly every 5 star in the game, but lack of ascension items for me prevents me from ascending any of them right now. That does not even slow me down. I work on ascending my 4 stars for now and then my 3 stars when I am done with those. Hopefully by then I’ll have gotten my hands on a few Tomes of Tactics to ascend some of my 5 star Heroes, but if not, there is always becoming more prepared for Alliance Wars.

Unless you’ve been playing this game since inception every single day and have maxed out every single possible portion of the game, there is always room for improvement. Even if that were the case, I doubt there would be something you could not be doing within the game to improve the experience. The only limiting factor is your imagination and desire to do so.



There is more to this game than sitting on “starving” 5* heroes. With a nice team of 4* heroes, you can do a lot.

Level 2 heroes of each color for each color titan … plus Wu Kong … and see your score increase dramatically, for example.

Level different healers, e.g. rigard and sabina, to change the healer in your attack team in accordance with your chosen opponent.
And boldtusk, of course.

… thank your lucky stars … and your foresight … for these healers when you finally succeed in maxing 5 5* heroes, but they are not a perfect pvp team … :wink:

Honestly, if I had sat around “Waiting for Godot” I’d be bored as well. Instead, I have a lovely choice of very nice maxed 4* heroes that serve me very well indeed.

And one curious question:
Is there anybody who takes their big huge defense team to farm, say, 8.7?
I sure don’t. There are nice 4* heroes that are much better suited for that purpose. :slight_smile:


So much GW2 here :stuck_out_tongue:
“Can I have your golds?”

What titans you were fighting? How was your “damage rank”?

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I feel the same way as the OP, but for slightly different reasons. The game has become boring. Same events, same titans, same raid mechanics. I have the mats and have ascended many heroes. I have received tier XIII loot from top score defeating 10* titans. I have been in the top 10 in cups… now what? Throw away money to roll 3* and 4* heroes that I already have? Waste 3 months on tc20s to get one 5* hero? I find myself logging on less and feeling like it is more of a chore to continue playing… I’m glad people like it, and I did too at first, but the game is more frustration than fun.


who is interested, titans 5-8 *, A, A +. for the first 1.5 months if you play without cheats, then go through the quests was not really … unfortunately, the game is arranged so that you first play with anticipation, then with regret and then comes disappointment …

the goal of the topic is not to express my discontent, but to encourage developers to change the essence of the game, because the project is very intricate and exciting, but … pay attention to this topic - the view and empathy of at least 20 - 30% of players! if you do not agree, then just delete this post

I would really love another team slot just for map farming TBH; attack / titan / some wayward defense… and none of those are suitable for farming if I’m optimizing for speed.

Generally I’m just lazy and pick whatever I have and it works, but the interface could be better. Or the better idea of auto-win farming instead of the current implementation heh.


Lot of us are waiting for AW… or finding things that entertain us and keep us engaged.

There is a lot of routine now to your point.


I think the point of one poster is that if you were fighting Rare Quests (which have two “rare” ascension materials each quest at the last two levels), you would not have received “no” ascension materials in six months. Obviously, you would have had to work you way up to that level, but six months is more than enough time to do so. :wink:


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