Game over is recruiting new members

Game over have now 3 openings for new members. We don’t care about your trophy count, but you should have about 3000 or more team power. Regularly taking down 8* titans

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GAME OVER is has some spots open again! Check us out if you’re looking for a group to take down titans and go into wars with. 8 and 9* titans, with an occasional 10*. Good mix of people with some very helpful veterans to help you progress.

Current trophy limit is 2k.

Im lv 21 with 1300 trophies. Is that too low?

Your player level and trophies does not matter that much, it mostly depends on your heroes, post a screenshot of your roster and we’ll have a look :slight_smile:

@Tryyn If you haven’t already found a home, please do share and we will get back to you!

Game Over still has a couple of openings. Just a bit of self promotion, but one of our new-ish members JUST said this in chat “I love this alliance. Always on hand to help each other.”
:slight_smile: … so basically, we are pretty cool.

We still have a few spots open, taking down 9* titans now

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