Game or Scam?

A famous saying says that patience has its limit and the system of this game has led me to exasperation in a short time.
Now I’ve come to think about whether to cancel the account or not.
In two months I spent almost $ 100 but I do not receive troops, I do not receive material to climb the heroes reached their maximum level and, even more serious, in 6 red elemental calls I received 3 Hawkmonn and 3 Azar and in 2 green calls I received 2 Berden.
Not just duplicates, but also useless characters for the growth of my team. Instead there are teams full of 5 * and 4 * while against me, and against many others, the scam continues.

I want to thank a lot and applaud those who treat without the least respect for people who, like me, invest time, passion and money in the game.

Better to cancel the account, so I prevent this scam from continuing to make fun of me and steal my money.


Sorry, but all i read is a “buhuuu, give me 5* heroes meanie!”.

2 months is quite nothing in this game, and people can’t have a single 5* even spending much more then you.

Now, if you have the patience to keep going you find your 5* for sure along the way, and the ascension items with it.

If you want them now, you have to know that you may invest in a rather poor hero without knowing, and get stopped by the ascension items soon after.

Many people who already has 5* regret it later.


I’m at month seven. Got my first 5* 2 weeks ago and still can’t fully ascent her.

The patience you talk about starts at Stronghold + TC level 20.

And I fully agree with @Elpis post.


I share your “agony” in a certain sense. There are many who defend the fact that it has to be difficult to get things, I do not want a hero of 5 *, not yet, about 4 months ago I play, and I have 7 heroes of 4 * without ascending, I have materials to be able to ascend a 2. I only buy gems when there are offers of events, because of the rest I find them very expensive. My last 8 elemental invocations all 3 *, 20 workouts in tc-13 all 3 *. Those who defend that it has to be difficult do not realize that if it is so difficult just to get a hero of 4 *, how am I going to make a good team ??? because it’s not just that you get a hero of 4 * if you do not get a hero that is consistent with your team there the difficulty becomes exponentially. I have 2 heroes that I could ascend but it depends on two colors to see if I ascend them or not, because as I do not have too many climbing materials I have to choose very well who I give them to. I repeat NOT speak of a team of 5 * if not a good team of 4 *

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I admit that my English is not beautiful but maybe you did not understand what I wanted to say with my message.

First of all, I’ve been playing since September and not just for two months. I wanted to say that in two months I spent almost 100 euros, which for me are not few!

Anyway, I just wanted to say this: I do not pretend to have a team with all 5-star heroes, even though many have them. But at least I would not like to receive duplicates, receive the same heroes at every call, I would not make you angry? Would not you feel teased ??

I already have two heroes of 5 (Magni and Perseo), the rest are curators: should I play / attack with Belith, Hawkmoon and Rigard ?! Come on, let’s not joke …
I have already understood the purpose of the creators of the game and my initially very positive opinion about the game has become very negative. And there are many people who think like me, I can assure you!
Respect your opinion but mine also has its consistency and its logic…


The thing most new players don’t understand is tossing a large chunk of money at the game to pull Heros doesnt help you advance any faster. For most players willing to invest $$ into the game you get just as much by spreading your spending out. There is no point tossing $100 at the game to get a bunch of heros that will take months to level up without Ascension mats, Base camp development, and resources.

I wouldnt call it a scam, but it is designed well for today’s instant gratification crowd.

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FOne wit on here boards referred to this game as “Empires & Patience.” Money can substitute for time, to a degree.

I have two accounts, one with an ample budget, another with a cup-of-coffee-per-month scale of budget, so I’ve seen how differently these feel.

Heroes: my well-funded account uses training camps to get feeders for the heroes I’ve pulled from summons. My cheap account runs TC13 in hopes of getting some decent 4*, and will shift up to TC20 as soon as possible.

Ascension mats: again my well-funded account has an edge, buying occasional offers that include rare mats. Better heroes and more time playing also mean that account can complete all rare quests, while the cheap account can’t complete the final level yet. Better teams also improve the Titan level and associated loot. But my junior account still gets a steady trickle of rare mats from mystic visions, chests, quests and Titan loot.

I recommend that players set a clear budget for the game, use those purchases strategically, and find an alliance you enjoy.


If dupes were not included, the you would just buy all 4 and 5* as there arent that many heros. You’ve been playinh since September so youre probably at or very close to sh 20. 5-6% chance of 5* at tc 20 not to mention the 4*s that come with it

Of course you don’t have to be happy about that, but for people that has spend without having nothing in return (like you, and if you want to know like me lately), there are people extremely lucky.
So no, i don’t see merely a robbery politics from SG, just a patience factor.
Today is someone else, tomorrow will be me.

You already have Magni, and thats simply great. I would give you my right arm to have him.

If you play from september, you most likely already reach Tc13, and can most likely rush to Tc20 and get tons of 4* heroes.

Yeah, sometimes the summon gate can really piss me off too but i never thought “I quit because i get only copycats!!”

Thats just sounds like a whim.


I have been playing for ten months. I spent $55. I got my only 5* Hero for free. I highly recommend getting a TC20 as soon as possible, where you can make 3/4/5* heroes for free. So far, I have received seven free 4* (and eight 3*) over the course of 30 days.

I’m all for spending on special deals with guaranteed ascension materials and gems where I can, but the game offers an awful lot for free. I think it’s shortsighted to focus only on the here and now, when the game clearly gives you more than one way to play over time.

Best of luck to you! :wink:


That’s some tinfoil hat stuff right there mate…

Yes the game is a money pit for people who dont understand how it works or who have bad impulse control.

The rest of your post is the usual conspiracy theory which is easyly disproved to me since I am ftp and do not have the same experience.

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Yes, everybody who like this is an employee and all the others have to be complainers. :wink:

Imo all complainers also like the game, because otherwise they would simply quit without any further whatever.


Well, that’s a new low for sure. Nice work getting flagged with your first post.


Firstly, you need at least 10 healers to be war ready.

Secondly, you got rigard? He’s one tough cookie.

Third, ever heard of emblems? They can make a good 3star as tough as an average 4star. So no regrets.

I got Vivica around Christmas and she’s only on 4/50 so it takes an age and era to fully level a 5star.

My team is 4 star with emblems and holds it’s own in platinum no problem.

Tc13 Tc20 is where you got to be.

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Some complainers simply turn rage quit but still playing the game. Hoping that someday, RnG gods will listen to their rage.
Some others keep doing summons like no tomorrow and got a bunch of 5 * that stuck at 2 - 60 and still being raided by a team of emblem’ed 3 *.
Few other turn wiser and enjoy the game as it should be.


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