Game not loading

I am experiencing an issue with the game loading. It is December 4th, 9:34 am Eastern Standard Time (USA). I have tried restarting my phone several times. I am connected to WIFI like always but the game just says connecting for 15 minutes and never loads. Please help. Thank you so much.

I’m having the same issue, right now

It’s so frustrating. It just says “Connecting” and will not load no matter what I try. All other games and apps behave normally.

Same issue for me from the Philippines… Disconnected and suddenly l cannot come back in no matter what l do. Everything else is fine, grr.

Same here… This is really frustrating…

Do all of you connect to the game through facebook?

I do & google play
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@Elcaolibur @Dharvel @Ohaihuggy… I began to have this problem after buying the Damascus (deal) Did you all buy it too? I guess I’m trying to see if there was a bug cuz of that.

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