Game not loading after 2/14/18 update

February 14, 2018
Today I had an update to the game and of course updated. After the update the game will not load at all. I waited for 20 minutes while it was “connecting” and it never did…

Mee to after new update the game not loading

Please submit a new ticket and we can investigate this further:

If at all possible, attach your account identifier (you should see it in the login screen).


2 tickets I have sent, 3 days I can not play … how long do I wait yet?

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@Xary (or @Rook , @Coppersky , @Petri ) for some reason you shouldn’t post your account ID on the forum. So delete your screenshot.

I have edited the post, please don’t share any personal details (including account identifiers).

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Ok sorry… I have connected now thank you :slight_smile:


It finally loaded after I disconnected wifi on my phone and then I connected it back after it loaded. I had to do this three or four times and now it is loading like it should…thank you!

I can not enter the game again … I bother once a day and can not attack anything

Xary, you might want to submit a request for Game Support:

I have sent a new ticket … now I am waiting for the last time I waited for 2 days … get it right. I played 1 day and again

I understand you are impatient. You only need one ticket. Game Support will get to your ticket in the order it was received.

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Hi, just a quick update for players who are experiencing this issue. This issue is most likely related to your network blocking the necessary downloads by the app. Please make sure no proxy or firewall is blocking the connection. Also make sure to check your network settings.


I also have problems since update, I verified network connection all authorisations are ok. the game won’t connect. I don’t know what else to do.

@petri: ^^

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3 tickets I sent, 2 times you fixed my game for 1 day and it does not load me again … I have no problem with phone, network … just run a new update … I will wait until then, I will lose progress in the game and if not I’ll just clear it and find another one … thank you :slight_smile:

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Are you running the latest update? Which do you have?

I have last 14.02.2018…

The latest update is 1.10 (I’m running Build 305).

everything is fine and it’s ok … thank you very much

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