Game need to change this raid algorithm it is so annoying

Hi guys.
I don’t know all have this problem or not but when I raid sometimes I am so lucky just need to match first tile and it is done and no matter enemy has how much power, it is been set I win it and sometimes it goes other side no matter how much u think and play you must lose even if need Magni revive 9 times till Vivica tile become full from 0 and u not get any tile that have their hero and heal Magni and u lost. Or no matter u attack 3 times to enemy who is so weaker their Marjana will be undead or Hemidall revive whole team and all happen at once till get near 300 cups of u and tomorrow u will be lucky again just first tile and boom.
This near 10 times this cycle happened and it make me mad.
I think first days I played it was not like this at all. I dont ask to be always winner it is annoying too as much as this defeats are that enemy never had chance to win or we never had chance to win I do not want be so lucky to gain cups like stars (which it happens many times so much more than being unlucky) and no want to play raid that I never gonna have chance to win and things happen that odds is less than 0.01%. I know everything is possible and it is but when almost each 3 weeks there is 2 3 times all bad luck happen next to each other on all raids for me it is algorithm.
So please rethink about it or if anyone knows something that change my knowledge I will be thankful to share.

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Hi @BraveGirl

Maybe I’m not following correctly, but your post appears to say sometimes you win and sometimes you lose?

It’s a game of both skill and luck. Having raids you win easily and raids you lose three times sounds exactly like the game working as expected.

The Devs have stated the boards are random and all statistical evidence players collected agrees.

So I disagree that it’s an algorithm, it’s just the nature of the interaction between random tiles and our skill at moving them.


No I mean it happens together sometimes I just win (and it is much more than I lose) and sometimes I lose for example 90 % of raids I do during two days.
It is not like I win 2 raid lose 3 win 3 lose 1. I wish be like this. I just lose or win every raid I play and it is not all the time it is period.
Raid is most attractive part of game for me and I play much and sometime I use gem to full flags.

If I understand you correctly, you want less randomness in the game?


Yes and not see game that I am winner for sure or I loss 100%. At least not see it 2 ,3 days after each other.

Would you like it the other way too? Only easy raids for you would also mean only much better teams would raid against you. Doubt you would appreciate the quality of revenges you’d have to face.

You did not read my words completely, I rather to lose always but it be fair, for me that winning which are pure luck are annoying too. It is not about winning or losing.
I feel there are period that player is loser no matter which team is on board or how play and there is period player is winner again no matter enemy be how much strong. At least it happens for me somehow.

Well that would certainly need to be programmed in and that is an absolute Pandora’s box that would make the game entirely different.

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I do not have any knowledge on programming or computer science sadly.
If it is difficult or change whole thing so I am ok with situation and got it, I just want to say it to know more about it.
Thanks for your answer

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Seems like perhaps the best case is the defense gets more than a 20% buff. The raids you would normally lose you’ll still lose. But you won’t be able to win by luck as much.

Or I could suggest the defenses buff is also RNG just to make everyone mad.

I know this isn’t what you asked for but it was a weird idea that came to mind.

I’d be interested in what your longest raid streak is?

Mine is below and I’m showing you this just to show that’s there’s no set times you lose no matter what. I’ve had raid streaks near to this a few times but 36 hasn’t been a record I’ve been able to better for a while but it’s possible you get bad runs as well. I had 6 shocking raids earlier. Couldn’t get any love and lost them all…really unusual for me and I flipped it when I used a raid flask and then went 6 straight wins.

It’s just RNG being RNG. One of the 6 loses could easily have been a win as well. I was just getting back into it and had my specials ready when a meaningless cascade dropped a pile of green in and the fired off Frigg and then Killhare and Inwent from ready to win to a lose in 10 seconds…it happens unfortunately.

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