Game locks up when I win a raid

May 24th 0800 EST. Updated game on my Android Pixel 4. Game operated fine until I won a raid. Game locked up would lose internet and I would have to restart the game. Happened two times, I did get all my rewards from the wins though. But I did have to restart the game only when I won not when I lost.


It seems that gathering player info is locking up.

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same problem on Iphone. after apdate game I win campain raid and can’t get rewards
lost energy and see message - no internet connection

The same here. After a few times trying I got into the game, but was very slow. Now again I can’t login and get the message that the servers are full.

Yep. Here also. Cannot connect or very slow.

Seems to be solved. Everything is working ok now.

Around the same time I had connection issues but it went away after five minutes and seems to be working now.

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