Game Lockout

So on Friday the game kicked me out twice while I was playing, now it’s not letting me attack my titan. Any glitches with the game at the moment?

@Petri I’m not able to attack my alliance titan is something going on with the game ?

It’s the next morning and I’m still not able to hit my titan! @Guvnor @zephyr1 can someone please report and get back to me?

@ladyachilles, best thing you can do is contact support.
You can contact support not via the game by visiting the support website.

Only solutions we can really offer are the usual:

  • Restart device
  • Clear game cache
  • Try mobile data vs. wifi (or reverse).

This happens to me pretty regularly, usually I just have to relog. Occasionally have to reboot my phone entirely and clear my phone’s cache. Though I assume you’ve already tried those things. Could always try them again?

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Thanks guys, tried it twice it worked on the 2nd attempt. You can close this @Guvnor

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