Game loading issue

The screen graphics aren’t loading and chat isn’t loading properly after apple update

I just clicked on the event summons and it pulled up the bottom solve rare section causing me to 10 pull the wrong summons . I am beyond pissed . I thought it was my error so I tried it again to double check and again when I clicked on the event summons it pulled up the bottom rare one ! What the helll . I have spent a ton of money and I am beyond pissed. If I don’t get a refund for the geme Spent I’m done with the game

@Rellis, Not sure if you meant to start your own thread, or if you intended to post on an issue with the game loading.

Unfortunately the forums are community run, if you are having an issue with actual game mechanics your best bet is to file a support ticket. Instructions can be found at the below link:

Since I’m here responding to @Rellis I’ll respond to you too. I hope you figured out the game graphics, but whenever I have issues like this I restart the game, and if that doesn’t work I restart my phone.

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