Game lagging

Anyone else noticing their game lagging today in raids?

I was raiding today and kept noticing that I would of course attack my opponent and no damage would be done but like 3 seconds later there would be. I also had it happen to one of my guys, just out of the blue he was dead but it never showed him getting hit.

Was wondering if anyone else was having that issue today.

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Oh. Thanks for the reminder. Got to go. My raid chest is available again.


Yes, my troop attacks are lagging bad. In raids, Titans and battles. Nothing else is lagging, but when I match three it hesitates and then moves slowly up. I restarted the game, the iPad, everything.

They are probably updating the new update in the servers then…that will slow things way down

Makes sense, forgot that was coming

Ok so then it’s not just me :grin:

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