Game Lagging / Performance Issues

For the past couple of weeks, through new contents releases and version updates, I’ve experienced game performance issues that seem to have happened before but addressed through game updates that followed, but recently seem to have came back again.

What I am referring to was the phone or game experienced lagging or performance issues, whenever a special is launched, the animation can play, but it isn’t smooth, and sending tile up the screen can also be quite laggy as well. This is most apparent when there are mobs on the screen. The end result can be hero / enemies attack, the animation may not play all the way through before damage is calculated and shown on the screen.

This seemed to also happen on regular S1 stages like 7-4 or 8-7 when farming, when there are potential large mobs. It also seem to affect Titan fights where the specials come out, but the game isn’t responding to follow up player inputs smoothly, but the game clock doesn’t get bogged down by the animation lags, so resulting in potentially lower Titan damage per hit.

The last time the game ran smoothly seemed to be Return to Morlovia and believe it was still ok during Fables. So if I had to pinpoint a time, it really could be the release of the updates in anticipation of the winter events (e.g. version 17 and on).

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Also, as a follow up, a few of my alliance mates seems to be citing similar lag issues.

Although it seems that after Atlantis summons is over, the overall performance of the game seemed to have improved some, I’ve noticed that the animation lag / issue seem to be happening on healing spells more than offensive type spells, especially ones that have multiple effects.

The example I am using will be Melendor, whose special, even if there is only one enemy on the screen, will pause on screen for a bit, the words of the Fog of the Fallen on the screen, the swooshing effect of the dispel and heal often times just appear at the end (not the full animation), almost like they were trying to catch up. Since it is the same spell, I’d say it happens to Sabina as well. After another field test, I’d say it definitely noticeable on Boldtusk and that swooshing effect that Wu Kong’s Gambler’s Stance has.

Didn’t notice the lag on big summons (e.g. major ones that had the symbols like Quintus, Azlar, etc.) or smaller less graphic intensive ones like Ramming Pulverizer for Gormek, Tiburtus or Grimm. I will have to check to see if it happens on other heroes of the same spell effect (such as Belith, who also heals/dispels).

But I think as it stands, it only seem to happen to spells with that swooshing graphical effect.

Perhaps @Petri, @mhalttu, or @Sara. I had wondered if this was caused by server overload due to multiple events, since nothing is really changed recently on my phone and the other spell animations aren’t lagged, I wonder if it had something to do with recent changes?

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