Game keeps signing me out of google play

The game is sining me out of google play repeatedly. Anyone else experiencing this.? Gonna be really choked if I lose my progress due to this.

Go into your Google play settings and make sure it’s set you auto login

It’s set properly. It’s only E&P that does it.

I got only now and than the problem that the dark Lord pops-up and say that my account is on danger although I did not log-off. But I don’t have it continuously.

Thats the one. Minimum once a day.

Happens to me about once a week idk why :confused:

It’d be nice if they fixed it.

It does that to me sometimes too. It’s just slow to signing in. I never do anything and it always logs in behind the scenes after a minute or less

Still be crappy if it causes soneone to lose their progress. Might be something they NEED to fix.

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